• Never rely on signs or billboards again

    Open up iExit when traveling on an interstate and it will figure out which road and direction you are traveling and the next 100 upcoming exits, all without a press of a button.
    Use this view to quickly browse all upcoming exits and rest stops.

  • iExit Search: Find your stop in seconds

    iExit’s powerful search functionality allows you to quickly find upcoming exits with what you’re looking for.
    Search for a business name (like Starbucks), an amenity (like Pet-Friendly), or even locations. Or you can use one of iExit’s 25 Preset Searches specifically made for common road trip needs. Finding a hotel for the night, a diesel gas station, a rest area, even a Redbox kiosk is only a button press away.

  • Like saving money when you pitstop?

    Select the Deals Search to see upcoming businesses running promotions specifically geared towards highway travelers.
    Looking to save on dinner? Maybe a discounted hotel room? Other apps might tell you deals within 10 miles of your location, but only iExit tells you deals precisely along your route ahead.

  • Quickly find exits with your favorites

    Craving a Sonic Slush? Or maybe a Starbucks Caramel Mocha Frappuccino?
    The Favorites feature makes it easy to save a list of your favorite businesses and amenities so that you can quickly see upcoming exits that match your favorites.

  • View exits and businesses in detail

    Select an exit to see all of the businesses at that exit. iExit even tells you which side of the exit a business is located.
    Select a business to see all of the amenities offered at that location. iExit provides one-touch buttons so that you can call the business, get directions to the business, view its website, and even see Google Streetview around that business.

  • Plan your trip from off the interstate

    iExit is built to tell you what’s ahead in real time, but it also serves as a great road trip planning tool.
    If you pulled off at an exit, iExit will allows you to easily look ahead and behind the exit you just pulled off at, making it easy to play your next stretch while on a break. Or use the Exit Lookup feature to view all interstates across the country, categorized by state.

  • What if I’m not on the interstate?

    When you’re not on the interstate, iExit will tell you what businesses are around your current location.
    It is important to remember though that iExit only knows about businesses near the interstate, so if you’re 5 miles away from the interstate, it will tell you there’s nothing around.