Welcome to the new iExitApp.com

By Evan Metrock on May 8, 2015

Welcome to the brand new iExitApp.com. We have completely redesigned our website in order to transform it into a functional web application. You can now use iExitApp.com to access all highways, exits, and businesses found in the iOS and Android apps.

We adopted a “lean” approach in building this new website, meaning it’s not going to have all the bells and whistles you might be used to with the mobile apps. We will be updating the website’s design and performance over the next few months, and plan to remove its “beta” status in the next few months. But as of today, you can now search for businesses and/or amenities across 30,000 exits along 500+ highways from our website, not just our mobile apps.

We’ve got a lot of big things coming down the immediate pipeline with iExit, and we’ll be updating you on all of them right here on our blog. We just recently released iExit Trucks for iOS, our dedicated app for OTR truckers. We will be launching a dedicated app for RVers on iOS soon as well. We’ve got a lot of Android news to announce soon, starting with a big update to iExit for Android. And there’s a bunch of new tools for business owners we’re excited to announce, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

Happy Roadtripping!