The Campgrounds Interstate Exit Guide for US 101 in California

Campgrounds along US 101 in California traveling Northbound

Exit 62A
Oxnard, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Evergreen RV Park
Left (SW) - 0.64 miles
Exit 95
Santa Barbara, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Santa Barbara Sunrise Rv Park
Right (W) - 0.02 miles
Exit 117
Goleta, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Ocean Mesa RV and Campground
Right (W) - 0.5 miles
Exit 140A
Buellton, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Flying Flags RV Resort & Campground
Left (W) - 0.25 miles
Exit 182
Arroyo Grande, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Pismo Sands RV Resort
Left (W) - 6.49 miles
Camp white 18@2x
Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort
Left (W) - 7.24 miles
Exit 190
Pismo Beach, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Holiday RV Park
Left (S) - 0.28 miles
Camp white 18@2x
Pismo Coast Village RV Resort
Left (S) - 0.47 miles
Exit 195
Pismo Beach, CA
Avila - Pismo Beach KOA
Left (NW) - 0.23 miles
Exit 211
Santa Margarita, CA
KOA Campground
Right (SE) - 5.25 miles
Exit 244
Bradley, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Camp Roberts
Left (SE) - 2.04 miles
Exit 295
Soledad, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Yanks RV Resort
Right (E) - 0.15 miles
Exit 337
Salinas, CA
KOA Campground
Left (S) - 0.42 miles
Moss Landing KOA Express
Left (W) - 4.16 miles
Aromas, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Monterey Vacation RV Park
Right (E) - 1.47 miles
Exit 347
San Juan Bautista, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Betabel RV Park
Left (N) - 1.33 miles
Exit 362
San Martin, CA
Morgan Hill RV Resort
Left (SW) - 4.46 miles
Exit 450A
Greenbrae, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Golden Gate Trailer Park
Right (S) - 0.12 miles
Exit 463
Novato, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Novato RV Park
Right (SE) - 0.13 miles
Exit 481A
Cotati, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Wine Country RV Park - Sonoma
Right (NE) - 1.73 miles
Exit 498
Windsor, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Windsor Wine Country RV Park
Left (S) - 0.66 miles
Exit 517
Cloverdale, CA
Cloverdale - Healdsburg KOA
Right (NE) - 0.86 miles
Exit 522
Cloverdale, CA
Russian River RV Campground
(N) - 1.22 miles
Exit 557
Redwood Valley, CA
KOA Campground
Left (NW) - 8.12 miles
Exit 625
Piercy, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Redwoods River Resort & Campground
Left (SE) - 1.83 miles
Exit 636
Garberville, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Benbow KOA & Golf
Left (NW) - 0.3 miles
Exit 656
Myers Flat, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Giant Redwoods RV & Camp
Left (SW) - 0.51 miles
Eureka, CA
KOA Campground
Right (SW) - 0.83 miles
Exit 716B
Arcata, CA
Camp white 18@2x
Mad River Rapids RV Park
Left (SW) - 0.29 miles