The Campgrounds Interstate Exit Guide for I-495 in Massachusetts

Campgrounds along I-495 in Massachusetts traveling Northbound

Exit 2
West Wareham, MA
Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground
Left (SW) - 4.02 miles
Exit 4
Middleboro, MA
Boston - Cape Cod KOA
Right (N) - 1.11 miles
Exit 6
Middleboro, MA
Spartan Service Center
Left (W) - 0.7 miles
Exit 10
Norton, MA
Camp white 18@2x
Canoe River Campground
Right (NW) - 3.37 miles
Exit 14A
Plainville, MA
Camp white 18@2x
Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort
Right (E) - 2.37 miles
Camp white 18@2x
Normandy Farms Campground
Right (E) - 2.45 miles
Exit 18
Bellingham, MA
Camp white 18@2x
Circle C.G. Farm Family Camping & RV Park
Left (S) - 1.68 miles
Exit 30
Littleton, MA
Camp white 18@2x
Boston Minuteman Campground
Right (E) - 0.26 miles
Exit 54
Amesbury, MA
Camp white 18@2x
Tuxbury Pond RV Resort
Left (NW) - 4.03 miles
Exit 55
Amesbury, MA
Camp white 18@2x
Rusnik Campground Inc
Right (E) - 3.03 miles