The Lodging Interstate Exit Guide for I-84 in Massachusetts

Lodging along I-84 in Massachusetts traveling Eastbound

Exit 1
Sturbridge, MA
Days Inn
Left (SW) - 0.76 miles
Exit 2
Sturbridge, MA
Lodging white 18@2x
Green Acres Motel
Right (E) - 0.77 miles
Lodging white 18@2x
Publick House
(NE) - 0.8 miles
Lodging white 18@2x
Hamilton Inn
Right (E) - 0.85 miles
Scottish Inns
Right (E) - 0.97 miles
Exit 3A
Sturbridge, MA
Hampton Inn by Hilton
Left (SW) - 0.51 miles
Holiday Inn Express and Suites
Left (W) - 0.52 miles
Lodging white 18@2x
Publick House Historic Inn and Country Motor Lodge
Right (SW) - 0.59 miles
Lodging white 18@2x
Public House Country Motor Lodge
Right (SW) - 0.61 miles
Super 8
Left (W) - 0.64 miles
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Exit 3B
Sturbridge, MA
Comfort Inn & Suites
Right (E) - 0.27 miles