The Campgrounds Interstate Exit Guide for I-80 in Nebraska

Campgrounds along I-80 in Nebraska traveling Westbound

Exit 432
Gretna, NE
West Omaha - NE Lincoln KOA
Right (W) - 0.36 miles
Exit 426
South Bend, NE
Camp white 18@2x
Eugene T. Mahoney SP
Right (N) - 1.6 miles
Exit 420
Greenwood, NE
Camp white 18@2x
Pine Grove RV Park and Campground
(W) - 1.0 miles
Exit 318
Phillips, NE
Grand Island KOA
Left (S) - 0.36 miles
Exit 312
Alda, NE
Camp white 18@2x
Mormon Island SRA
Right (NE) - 0.69 miles
Exit 285
Gibbon, NE
Camp white 18@2x
Windmill SRA
Right (NE) - 0.49 miles
Exit 279
Kearney, NE
Camp white 18@2x
Fort Kearny SRA
Left (SW) - 6.15 miles
Exit 211
Gothenburg, NE
KOA Campground
Right (NE) - 0.69 miles
Exit 177
North Platte, NE
Camp white 18@2x
Holiday RV Park & Campground
Left (E) - 0.96 miles