The RV Friendly Interstate Exit Guide for I-70 in West Virginia

RV Friendly along I-70 in West Virginia traveling Westbound

Exit 11
Triadelphia, WV
TA Travel Center
Right (NE) - 0.08 miles
Exit 10
Triadelphia, WV
Shop white 18@2x
Left (SW) - 0.21 miles
Camp white 18@2x
Creekside Camping
Right (NE) - 0.33 miles
Hawthorn Suites
Right (W) - 0.33 miles
Exit 2A
Wheeling, WV
Bob Evans
Right (N) - 0.18 miles
Exit 0
Wheeling, WV
Bob Evans
Right (N) - 0.54 miles
Exitarrow white 18@2x
The Pointe
Left (S) - 0.55 miles